About us

About us

About Sumata AB

SUMATA AB is a dangerous goods transport company, which started its operations in Latvia in 1995 and is currently also developing its activities in Sweden.

In Sweden, the company was founded in 2015 and currently providing cargo delivery with both Swedish Standard Trucks and European stand trucks. We are a reliable partner for our customers, as evidenced by long years of professional experience in the transport of dangerous goods (ADR). We offer all types of fuel transportation throughout Europe as well as logistics services as needed. We provide a team of experienced professionals with long term experience in the transport of dangerous goods.

International freight shipping

We offer our clients both international and domestic aviation freight transportation.

Thanks to knowledgeable, experienced and reliable staff, we provide high quality service and take responsibility for delivering cargo that is safe and customer-friendly, offering stable and quality shipping prices. The company is open to various co-operation opportunities, as evidenced by the past positive experience in the transport of dangerous goods.

Inland (Domestic) transport

We carry dangerous goods transport in Sweden with heavy vehicles (road trains) with a total weight of 60 tons. We strive to adapt to all customer preferences and be flexible in our field of activity.